Thomas Belesis- The CEO of John Thomas Financial

November 12th, 2013


John Thomas Financial, which was founded by Thomas Belesis is an investment firm, which has its head office in New York. The company and its branches are strongly involved in the backing of alternative oil, energy, coal and gas. It similarly looks after investigation firms in the United States, both internationally or domestically. In addition to this the firm also offer valuable services to lots of consumers, associated with biopharmaceuticals, commercial, entertainment as well as other types of industries. The CEO of the company, Thomas is also an associate of the World Energy Forum’s Executive Board, which is situated at the United Nations. After enjoying an extensive and productive career in brokerage banking and investment in Wall Street, in 2007 Thomas built the John Thomas Financial firm. He in fact has a wonderful dream toward linking innovation and capital within up-and-coming industries and economies. In the year 2009 Thomas was awarded the Man of the Year title by Bronx GOP. He was selected for the award by Rudy Giuliani, who is the ex-mayor of the city of New York.

Thomas Belesis considers himself to be extremely fortunate to receive such a prestigious award, as the award acknowledges individuals who have performed outstandingly within the New York City, especially those who embody the important values and principles of the people of New York. In fact, Thomas feels extremely happy and satisfied every time he receives an award for his works. Over the years, Thomas has received a number of awards for making valuable contributions towards the society. Various organizations and groups were eager to present him with honors and awards, for all his achievements in the financial sphere. In reality, Thomas has done a lot for the welfare and interests of the present society.

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What Texas Allied Petroleum Is Purely Built For

September 12th, 2013


With the advancement in technology today, fuel and oil have played a much important role in the lives of the millions of people. Without gas, a multitude of individuals would find it hard fulfilling their needs in their regular routines, and that is because all throughout the world, oil and gas will always be one of the basic necessities. That is why having a company like Texas Allied Petroleum who is eager to explore untapped natural resources for oil and gas is very important. Many countries can not live without gas because it is one of the main sources of energy. TAP’s role in the industry is significant for the reason that it adds to the supplies to meet the growing demand of natural gas and oil nowadays. Consumer can rely to this company because it uses advance technology for every exploration that it performs. Tap gained recognition from Associations like Austin Chamber of Commerce, Dunne & Bradstreet and the Texas Oil and Gas Association. TAP is enlisted with all of these associations and other relevant organization as well.

Texas Allied Petroleum was founded in November 2005. It is a private owned company that focuses on the exploration of natural gas and oil reservoir in the United States. It establishes the instigation of major oil and gas projects in the entire country. At this time, TAP has several operations within their headquarters and also within other states scattered. Projects are spread out to Kansas, Wyoming, Louisiana, and Oklahoma particularly in Texas where the company originated. They set their headquarters in Austin, Texas because the place is the prime reason why they have fully started to have the enough means to put up operations and run the business. Moreover, TAP is a company known for its testing and drilling services. Last February 2010, it gets hold of another huge accomplishment when it finished the Wilson/Todd well project where they drill and tested the 2,200 ft deep well.

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Bar Fitting With Plywood

August 13th, 2013

When you plane the ends of a ply wood sheet it will have tendency to fray a little and eventually splinter. One of the easiest ways to improve your planning is have a sharp blade that is correctly adjusted. Many DIY shops will sharpen and set planes.


Fix the plywood firmly. It is best if you have a workbench with a vice, but if not, clamp it to a sturdy table. Set the boards together side by side, so that you can plane several at the same time and keep them level.


To remove material quickly, set the blade to project about 1mm using the adjusting knob. If you find that the blade judders and digs in, reduce the projec-tion a little or try planing in the opposite direction. As you near the final line retract the blade for a finer finishing cut.


Reduce splintering by planing at an angle across the boards. Work in from each side alter¬nately and then finish with a fine cut along the line of the boards.


Sawing Plywood.


Some suppliers will cut fit out the sheet for a small fee if you give them a cutting plan. Otherwise cut it yourself with a hand saw or a power saw, although it may be hard work by hand. I would personally recommend using a circular saw as these generally give straighter lines, however it is possible to use a jigsaw, you just have to take your time and be careful.


Use a soft pencil and a metal rule to transfer your plans and measurements onto the plywood. Identify each part with its key letter. With the sheet marked out, clear a space for cutting. You need quite a large area, so it may be best to work outside.

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